Can You Buy Liquor With Food Stamps? [Get The Facts]

People frequently question if they may use their food stamps to purchase alcoholic drinks. 

If you’re planning your next major purchase and want to know if you can use your food stamps to buy liquor, stay tuned to the end we have all the details.

We’ll find out if you can buy alcohol with your EBT card, if it applies to all types of alcohol, and if there’s anything else you should know.

Without further ado, let’s check if you can use your food stamps to buy spirits.

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Can You Buy Liquor With Food Stamps?

No, you cannot buy liquor with your food stamps

Although it may come as a surprise to some, there are items that you cannot purchase with your EBT card.

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Since food stamps are provided by the United States government to low-income households in order to supply them with necessities such as food and refreshing beverages, this doesn’t include spirits. 

Can you use your food stamps to buy alcohol?

No, you are not permitted to purchase any sort of alcohol with your EBT card, including:

  • Beer:
  • Wine;
  • Malt drinks;
  • Spirits

All alcoholic drinks are prohibited from being purchased with food stamps. This is due to the fact that alcohol is not seen as a necessary component of nourishment.

Is this true for all stores?

Yes, you are not permitted to purchase alcohol with your ebt card at any establishment that accepts it, such as grocery shops, gas stations, or convenience stores.

Furthermore, you are not permitted to spend your food stamps at:

  • Wineries;
  • Liquor stores;
  • Or alcohol sales

However, most stores will enable you to separate goods on the cash register and pay for some with food stamps and others with cash or a debit card. 

Just make sure to tell the cashier about the payment options ahead of time to avoid complications such as your EBT card being declined.

Furthermore, you may always phone the store ahead of time to ensure that they accept EBT cards as payment. Despite the fact that most shops now accept them, there are always some exceptions.

Even though some individuals discover a way around this regulation, keep in mind that your food stamp benefits may be canceled and you may be charged a penalty.

What Can You Buy With your Food Stamps?

Now that we know you can’t buy alcohol with your food stamps, here’s a list of the basics you can buy with them:

  • Cereal and bread;
  • Dairy products;
  • Snacks and refreshing beverages;
  • Fruit and vegetables.
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These products are deemed essential, therefore they should be included in the nutritious diet that the EBT cards are intended to provide.

What Can’t You Get With An EBT Card?

Apart from booze and other alcoholic drinks, you cannot purchase my non-essentials such as:

  • Cigarettes
  • Food for pets
  • Paper products
  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Hot meals, and so on.

Final Thoughts

EBT cards enable low-income households to purchase fresh food and groceries, as well as other necessities. Despite the fact that your food stamps have some limits, they have become a vital element of a thriving community. 

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