How To Check Your EBT Balance In Delaware [Learn The Facts]

For many American families and individuals, EBT is an important part of their lives. If you’ve recently discovered that you’re eligible for extra cash benefits, you may hear words like “EBT” and “SNAP” thrown around a lot. 

What can you expect? What is EBT? How can you use it? Whether you live in Delaware or anywhere else, many of the EBT rules are the same. 

Let’s discuss some of these rules, as well as how you can keep an eye on your benefits balance. 

Table of Contents: 

What Is EBT? 

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. Your EBT account is where your cash benefits will be paid monthly, and you’ll be given a plastic payment card that works like a debit or credit card. You can use this card to pay for approved items in-store or online. 

EBT is most commonly used to receive SNAP benefits. SNAP, or Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, are essentially food stamps benefits, with digital transfers replacing paper coupons. 

Unlike a normal bank account, you can’t overdraw on your EBT account. Once you run out of money, you won’t be able to use your card anymore. Your card will also decline if you try to buy an unapproved item, like an alcoholic beverage or tobacco product. 

That leads us on nicely to the next point – what can you buy with EBT

What Can You Buy With EBT? 

If you’re using your EBT card to access your SNAP benefits, you’ll be able to buy most food items. Since SNAP is designed to supplement a household’s food, the vast majority of food groceries in a store will be covered. 

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Here’s what you can buy with EBT: 

  • Fruit and vegetables (frozen, canned, and fresh)
  • Meat, poultry, fish, and seafood 
  • Bread, cereals, and grains
  • Baking products
  • Baby food 
  • Dairy and dairy substitutes (milk, cheese, almond, soy, or coconut milk)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (soda, juice, bottled water, etc)
  • Snack foods (chips, ice cream, candy, etc)

As you can see, EBT users have plenty of freedom to buy what they like with their benefits. EBT also covers “luxury” items, like seafood, steak, and snacks. Products like ice cubes, coffee beans, and tea are also covered by EBT cash benefits. 

What Can’t You Buy With EBT?

Not everything can be bought with EBT. Food stamps are designed to pay for – well, food. So, any non-food groceries – even essential ones – won’t be covered by your benefits. 

It’s important not to try and buy unapproved items. At best, your EBT card will decline and you’ll have to rifle through your shopping to find the unapproved item. At worst, your benefits could get suspended altogether. 

Here’s what you can’t buy with EBT: 

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Gambling/lottery tickets
  • Pet food
  • Medicine, vitamins, and supplements (some energy drinks are classed as supplements, so be careful)
  • Personal items (like cosmetics, electronics, furniture, clothing, etc)
  • Hot, preprepared food and drinks (fast food, rotisserie chickens, hot coffee, etc)
  • Household supplies (paper goods, cleaning products, etc)
  • Hygiene and grooming products (sanitary pads, tampons, soap, shampoo, etc)

Most EBT users will already have realized that products like personal items, alcoholic drinks, and tobacco won’t be covered by their benefits. However, medicines, household supplies, and hygiene products are still essential goods. 

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You may need to use different benefits to pay for medicine (like Medicare or Medicaid) or use your own money to pay for household supplies and hygiene products. 

Some states have different rules when it comes to preprepared food. Some users who aren’t able to prepare food for themselves at home will be allowed to use their EBT cards to buy food in restaurants. 

How to Check Your EBT Balance in Delaware 

The easiest way to check your EBT balance – in Delaware or anywhere else – is to look at your last EBT purchase receipt. Your closing balance should be listed on the receipt. 

However, checking your EBT balance online is a good way to review other information as well. Here’s how to check your EBT balance online. 

  • Step One: Start by visiting this site. You’ll be prompted to enter your User ID and password. You may want to review the information box on the right, to check that you have all the information you need. Then you can login and view your balance, along with other information.

  • Step Two: If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” option below the login button. You’ll be taken to another page, where you’ll need to enter your ZIP code, date of birth, and EBT card number. Then you’ll be able to reset your password.

  • Step Three: If you’ve forgotten your user ID, click the “Forgotten User ID” option below the login button. You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code, date of birth, and EBT card number. Then you’ll need to correctly answer your security questions. After that, your User ID will be emailed to you.
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Frequently Asked EBT Questions

Now, let’s briefly discuss a few commonly asked questions about using EBT in Delaware. 

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call the Delaware EBT customer service number at 1-800-526-9099 and ask to hear your current balance. 

If you’re not sure whether a store accepts EBT in Delaware, ask a member of staff or visit their website. If the store does accept EBT, you’ll use your card the way you would in any other state or shop. 

The Bottom Line

For many families, EBT makes the difference between making ends meet – or not. It also allows low-income households to get enough nutritious food for themselves and their families. 

Using EBT shouldn’t be too difficult. The best way to keep an eye on your account is to log into your online account regularly, and keep hold of any and all receipts.