Can You Buy Flowers With EBT?

EBT cards or food stamps are a fantastic addition to your budget to help you with nutritious food and healthy meals. But many people wonder if you can pay for things like flowers with your EBT card or if this is not allowed.

You might be surprised to find out the details and regulations about flowers and other plants, so keep reading to discover all the facts about EBT and allowed purchases.

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Can You Buy Flowers With an EBT Card?

No, you are not allowed to purchase flowers with your EBT card or food stamps.

Many people get confused with this regulation, considering that some plants and seeds are available for purchase with an EBT card, but there is a reason for this rule.

Food stamps are now known and used as EBT cards, and the main goal behind this supplemental support is to provide families in need with enough funds to feed their members. People can use an EBT card to pay for various food items, including plants and seeds you can grow food from.

On the other hand, flowers are not considered nutritional or essential food items; thus, they are on the list of products you can’t pay for using your EBT card.

Is This True For Fertilizers as Well?

Yes, items such as tools, soil, or fertilizers are also on the list of things you cannot pay using your EBT card.

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Which Plants Can I Buy With a SNAP Card?

Flowers might not be on the list of things you can buy, but some plants are allowed. This includes:

  • Vegetable and fruit-bearing plants
  • Plants that produce edible herbs and spices
  • Seeds to grow edible plants

If you are not sure about the purchase and if your EBT card will cover the cost of the plant, you should ask the staff at the store or get more information on the official sites in your state.

What Can You Buy With Your EBT Card?

Even though you are not able to buy flowers, some items will make you even happier, such as:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Bread and cereal
  • Milk and meat
  • Soda and candy

As you can see, all the items allowed for purchase with an EBT card are meant to satisfy your nutritional needs. This list is only a short version to show the variety of food available for complete and balanced meals.

What You Can’t Buy With Your EBT Card?

Besides flowers, there are a couple of more items you are not allowed to pay for using your EBT card or food stamps. Most of the time, you can determine the eligibility of the product by evaluating the nutritional value.

Thus, items such as alcohol, cigarettes, diapers, pet food, and a few others are not available for purchase with food stamps.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing flowers with your EBT card is not allowed. However, there are so many food items you can buy, including plants, herbs, and seeds you can use to grow your food. This is one of the best ways to use your EBT card, as you will save additional money by growing the food yourself.

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