Can You Buy Spices With Food Stamps? [Learn The Facts]

When you’re preparing your next dinner and gathering all of the necessary items, you might be wondering if you can add spices to your cart and pay for them with your food stamps.

Because certain products are not entirely specified by the law, we had to find out if spices are on the list of things you may buy with an EBT card, and you might be shocked by what we uncovered.

Continue reading to find out if you can use your food stamps to buy condiments and to discover all you need to know to have the best shopping experience ever.

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Can You Buy Spices With Food Stamps?


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The good news is that you may use your food stamps to buy spices and condiments at any store that sells them and accepts the EBT card as payment.

It may seem redundant to discuss spices and the ability to purchase them with food stamps, given that they are edible, but it is for a good cause.

SNAP payments are provided to low-income families in order to supply them with vital foods and nutrients. Each month, the calculated amount is loaded to the EBT card, which is used in the same way as any other debit or credit card in stores that accept it.

One of the reasons we include spices is that individuals aren’t always sure if their EBT card will cover the cost, and we want to make it easier for you to understand all of the nuances.

Is this just true for dried spices?

No, food stamps can be used to buy any spice or condiment that is considered edible.

This includes seeds and plants that you may cultivate and use to feed your family.

Because certain spices are even better fresh, this might be a fantastic chance to have a nutritious and tasty dinner on your table that is covered by SNAP benefits.

What Can’t You Get With An EBT Card?

So we now know that you may purchase dry spices as well as edible plants or seeds to produce your own seasonings. 

But, what are the restrictions, and what cannot be purchased with food stamps?

Here are a few examples of comparable items and fundamental products that are not available for purchase:

  • Flowers;
  • Plants that are not edible;
  • Planting tools, soil, and fertilizer;
  • Tobacco;
  • Alcohol;
  • Cosmetics;
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As you can see, even if you pay for your plants and spices using an EBT card, you still need to fund all of the other planting expenses.

What Can You Get With An EBT Card?

If you already have your spices and are ready to cook, let’s see what else you can add to your order and pay for using food stamps.

This includes the following:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Fruit and vegetables;
  • Bread;
  • Products made from milk;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Snacks

Your EBT card can be used to purchase anything with a nutrition facts label. You must have a separate method of payment for the remaining products.

Final Thoughts

Being a SNAP recipient has several advantages. In addition to some essential nutritional foods, you may purchase condiments to liven up any dish.

As if that weren’t enough, you can cultivate your own spices to add flavor to your dishes while remaining within your budget.

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